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Antidote Street's Winnie Awa shares her fave selfcare rituals and more

Antidote Street's Winnie Awa shares her fave selfcare rituals and more

I know a new blog has been long overdue, but I think you’ll agree that this one is worth the wait! Meet Winnie Awa, founder of antidotestreet.com, an online store for multi-cultural beauty that curates the very best products for afro, curly and textured hair types. I sat down with Winnie in the super cute Glow Bar to talk selfcare, beauty and more.

As you can see, the Glow Bar interiors were the perfect complement to Winnie’s gorgeous candy floss hair.

As you can see, the Glow Bar interiors were the perfect complement to Winnie’s gorgeous candy floss hair.

 When I want to clear my head
I go to a museum or a gallery. I love art –  I feel it’s the most pure thing we have. Artists have the ability to tell the truth. In London, I love Tiwani Contemporary as well as the Serpentine. I like discovering new artists.

How I pamper myself
Bubble baths! But if it’s not on a Pretty Woman level of foam I’m not interested; I need everything! But so many bubble baths just don’t deliver. A friend of mine recommended Tropic Skincare, which comes close. I have literally tried everything. I think I’m a bit of a marketer’s dream when it comes to selfcare though; it’s my time, to do my face masks, my deep conditioning treatments. Sometimes though, just hanging out with my friends is my pampering time – especially if I can convince them to cook for me!

Fave hairdo
That would have to be my current look, my candyfloss hair! Growing up, I never got the opportunity to experiment with my hair. It was always about taking care of it, making it grow, wondering why it wasn’t growing. I think we put our hair up on a pedestal, but now, it’s about having fun with it. If by colouring it, I wreck it, I can just cut it off – and that’s very freeing.  Although my mum’s hoping I go back to black when I cut it off!

Winnie Awa by charisse kenion

How I like to start my day
I grab my cup of coffee, put music on and I dance. I used to have a cleaner who would turn up early, just to dance to my salsa music with me. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about spending time with myself, especially in the mornings, so when I’m feeling like being ‘virtuous Winnie’, I’ll meditate first thing. I’m trying to get into it but I can’t say I’m 100 percent there. I think the gym is great for centering yourself first thing too. But give me the coffee and music and I’m good.

Fave makeup look
Red lipstick. Always. My current favourite is a Chanel one – I can’t remember the name. I also love Fenty Stunna Lip Paint, and weirdly enough, I have one that I love from H&M, it’s a pinky-toned red. 

My must-follow Instagram accounts
Right now, there’s a very hilarious Nollywood (Nigerian cinema) one – @nolly.babes goes through all the movies from the Noughties and shares super dramatic, super ridiculous scenes. Typically there will be a lot of ghosts in Nollywood movies. Also, right now I love @__nitch – it has wonderful quotes that teach you things and inspire you. 

Beauty must-have
Given the fact that I’ve messed with the structure of my hair with peroxide, I’m in a perpetual love affair with deep conditioning my hair. Right now Dizziak is my absolute fave; it contains quinoa protein babassu, coconut and argan oils. Without fail, I apply this every week; I pop it on after washing my hair, then put a heat cap on and just go about my day. If I have to run errands I’ll just pop a cute scarf over it and head out. I also love facial oils; I love Afro Hair and Skin Co’s Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil– it’s divine.

I spent a lot of time in Paris last year, and I fell in love with a Spanish restaurant there. It’s in Le Marais and it’s called La Mangerie. I really like Spanish food and this is a lovely, tiny place that’s always full. You come in and they give you a shot; when you leave they give you a shot! It’s super chilled, perfect for eating alone.

Toni Morrison; ‘your life is already artful – waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art.’ She’s amazing and I love the concept of us all being artists, whatever our chosen medium is. It’s almost compelling us to dig into our special-ness, and realise that we’re all here to fulfil a purpose. 

Want to know more about Antidote Street? Check out more from my interview with Winnie over on alltheprettybirds.com!

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