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retro post - my interview with makeup artist @sonjdradeluxe

retro post - my interview with makeup artist @sonjdradeluxe

This is an old interview of mine, from back when I was running sohairobsessed.com (March 2014 to be exact). But it’s totally worth reposting and re-reading, because Sonjdra (AKA @sonjdradeluxe on Instagram) is, quite simply, amazing. End of.
All images from @sonjdradeluxe/Instagram

All images from @sonjdradeluxe/Instagram

Sonjdradeluxe is a makeup artist whose talents match up to her jaw-dropping beauty, but what really stands out about the Vancouver, Canada-native, is the time she takes to say ‘thank you’, or responding to makeup-related questions via social media, from her adoring fanbase – 368k and counting on Instagram.* (Back when I first published this interview she was on 57k!).

But don’t get it twisted, this gorgeous girl isn’t afraid to get ugly when it comes to being creative with her makeup. (See below for her scary Halloween recreation of Jigsaw, the killer from the Saw franchise.)

So, why makeup?
Makeup is my calling, it's what moves and inspires me. I love creating, and being unleashed through beauty and makeup. I love making people feel incredible.
I first got started by locking myself in the bathroom as a child and putting on all my mom’s makeup. I have a history in art and love painting and creating. I went to makeup school after high school and started building my career after that.
Now I am focusing on being an international artist. I'd love to travel the world and do makeup.

If I wasn't a makeup artist I would be photographer – or a tattoo artist; I have a machine I need to start playing with more.

I’d call it ‘natural dramatic’ – I love bringing out features that are already uniquely beautiful on my client’s face, using neutral colours and a dramatic application to really showcase that person and not the makeup. I love making people look almost Photoshopped in real life.
I'm inspired by the human face ultimately. I love contours and highlights and skin and brows and eyes – everything to really enhance, or alter reality. I pull a lot of inspiration from art: one of my favourite artists is a street artist from Paris named Vanessa Alice, or Miss Van. She really exaggerates beauty in a very uniquely sexy way with her art.
I'm not so much inspired by celebrity trends but more culture and lifestyle. People who really own and live with a definite style. From street style, to the cultures of different countries or cities, I love it all.

Switching things up
I would suggest finding ways to perfect the skin and use less product! Also switching up textures on the skin; try matte, or dewy, or glosses. It's fun to chose one focus and make it an accessory or statement for your whole look. Try a bold matte and bright lip, or strong brows and dewy skin. Or neutral eyes with a pop of colour and muted lips.

You’re stuck on a desert only with just 3 products – what are they?
Concealer, brow gel, and bronzer. I would perfect my skin and highlight it with the concealer, I gottttaaa have my bronzer to look tanned and for contouring, and I just can't be complete without brows.

How different would your career be if it wasn't for social media?
Social media has given me the opportunity to share my work and see other amazing artists at work. I've had really incredible opportunities to travel and do celebrity makeup through social media. It keeps me current and inspired and I love it.
It’s also great for posting images and videos; so far the most successful things I've posted are my contour, highlight and radiance video on YouTube, and my Halloween creation of Jigsaw!
I'm very fortunate in not experiencing a lot of negativity. When I do see people say negative things, I know they are saying more about themselves and it really has nothing to do with me. I will quietly block them, so they don't have to experience anything they don't like on my behalf. I create for people to enjoy – if they don't like something, it wasn't made for them! It doesn't mean anything anyways – nothing does!

* By the way, if, like me, you’re having issues re curbing your current expenditure on makeup, don’t follow Sonjdra on Instagram; she will screw with your bank account.

Look for Sonjdra on YouTube and Tumblr or head straight to https://instagram.com/sonjdradeluxe/

Who’s your fave Instagram beauty expert? Let me know below in the comments!

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