Why I love the latest hair collection from Aussie stylist Tracey Hughes

The latest hair collection from multi award-winning hairstylist Tracey Hughes, is one filled with amazing examples of texture and structure.

Usually, when Spring rolls around, I get the opportunity to see tons of lovely hair imagery that is super bright - filled with all the potential sunshine that we're hoping to see in a few long months. But the latest hair collection from Tracey Hughes - formerly based in the UK and now living and working in Australia for quite some time -  is decidedly different. 

No colour here; just a deep, dark and moody range of shots that have an ultra delicate sepia tone to them. What that tone does is ensure that the artistry of Tracey's work, and the texture of the haircuts, comes to the fore. Entitled Qualia, this hair collection consists of cuts and colour techniques that aim to evoke some sort of sensory journey. From short, choppy bobs - pretty much de rigueur right now when you look at the red carpet - to long, wild waves, this collection is stunningly beautiful, and totally Spring-ready, despite its moody aesthetic.

Take a look for yourself - which style is right up your alley?

Photography: Bernard Gueit