Top 5 beauty Instagrams to follow NOW

Finding Instagram a bit of a maze of fake news and faux reviews when it comes to the latest beauty products? Check out my top five beauty Instagrams - I promise, these women will not let you down.
 EPIC beauty collection goals via @sortofobsessed!

EPIC beauty collection goals via @sortofobsessed!

Sali is a journalist and author who pretty much knows everything about beauty. I love how she shares her latest looks and experiments in a Pretty Honest way (also the title of one of her books) and despite the fact she has 100k plus followers, she often finds time to reply to questions on skincare and makeup. If you’re into makeup events then be sure to check out what she’s up to next via her Insta. She’s also one of the brains behind Beauty Banks – an initiative that seeks to work with retailers, PRs and manufacturers to provide toiletries and cosmetics to people living in poverty. More on Beauty Banks can be found here

Yacine is a New York-based makeup artist with a love for showing off the skin beneath the blush and bronzer. Check out her work and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, and her own skin is the BOMB. Yacine’s Instagram Stories are a goldmine of information, feedback and new product updates – seriously, I advise that you study them! Plus she has a really cool, eclectic music taste which she also shares via her Stories. To find out more about how Yacine changed how I approached my own skincare, check out this blog

Okay, full disclosure: I’m obsessed with Diarrha N’Diaye’s skin. I can’t remember how long I’ve been following her, but when I say that she seems to glow from within, it’s not an exaggeration. Former Social Media Strategist at L’Oréal Paris, Diarrha is a beautiful woman who shares her beauty inspirations, thoughts, and news, which recently included an announcement that she is now working in Product Development & innovation at Glossier. I can only see major things coming from this – the brand definitely gets props for this hire. One to watch, for so many reasons, but in the meantime, follow her for up-to-the-minute product feedback.

I’ve been following Felicia Walker Benson for years; she’s knowledgeable, real and, at times, hilarious – especially when it comes to her Instagram Stories. In fact, I don’t get why she doesn’t have millions of followers! Felicia will break down her skincare routine bit by bit, no matter how many products and tools are included or how long it lasts. 
Disclaimer: If you don’t want to spend any money, maybe don’t check out her Instagram Stories; her skin is flawless and you’ll want to buy every single product she uses. Fact.

As her Instagram handle suggests, Adri is kind of obsessed with beauty products. Her Instagram bio details her skin type and her feed is heaving with (often-pink) images of multiple products that she’s currently using. I love how she shares her morning and evening routines via her Stories, and also how she acknowledges when a product isn’t working, or if it's causing her skin to play up. The way Adri breaks down her product feedback is invaluable, especially when you’re considering making more of an investment in your beauty regime. A must-follow. 

Let me know your fave beauty accounts to follow!