#Review Schwarzkopf's Mad About Waves and Curls

While I'm lucky enough to be able to try lots and lots of products for my skin and hair, it doesn't always do me any favours, so recently, I've taken a break and tried to strip things back. However, when a package from Schwarzkopf arrived - smelling so good! - I thought I might take a gamble. Here's what I thought of the brand's latest offerings; Mad About Curls, and Mad About Waves.
 Loved trying all four of these products, but there was a clear winner between the two ranges...

Loved trying all four of these products, but there was a clear winner between the two ranges...

Mad About Curls 
Split across seven products, I was given the Low Foam Cleanser and the Twister Definition Cream from the Mad About Curls range to try. The first thing I noticed was the packaging; there's something vaguely Bumble and bumble. about it, and it's definitely a departure from the usual Schwarzkopf branding. It's a pearlescent blue/aqua tone, fresh and clean with a hint of luxe via a golden font on the front. What hits you next is the fragrance that refuses to stay bottled: it's gorgeous, one of those fragrances that makes you want to open up the product immediately. I loved the sound of the Low Foam Cleanser but was a little miffed that it wasn't sulfate-free, like the other cleanser in the range. However, it did nothing but good to my hair. I'd recently decided to stop blowdrying and had switched to air drying, and this cleanser was the perfect prep. I used around eight pumps of the product, and left it on while in the shower. When I stepped out I noticed that I had seriously coily curls - rather than straggly ones! I towel-dried my hair before applying a generous blob of the Twister Definition Cream - combing it through - and then leaving it to air dry. When I dragged myself away from my laptop a couple of hours later, I was pleasantly surprised to find my corkscrew curls were still there, more defined than I'd seen in a long time. My hair was ready to go on waking up the next day too. After that I just used a couple drops of the hair oil I'm currently using on the ends and I was good to go for a few days. Result.

mad about waves pair.jpg

Mad About Waves
From this range I was given the Sulfate Free Cleanser and Light Splash Conditioner to try. Again, the packaging and fragrance were on point and both products made for some very Instagrammable pix. The cleanser (sulfate-free this time) worked in much the same way as the Mad About Curls one did, but my curls definitely weren't as defined post-shower. Instead they were more loose and wavy, which was cool, at first. I was keen to see how they dried down, so again, I towel-dried my hair before using the Light Splash Conditioner. A spray bottle rather than squirt-able or pour-able, it's easy to use as you can just spritz all over without making a mess or wasting the product. However, I don't think this product is quite right for my hair. Once it was dry my hair was ultra wispy and fine (don't get me wrong, my hair is fine but I was hoping for some oomph). My hair had zero shape and was way too soft for me to style into anything but a topknot. 

 How gorgeous is this packaging?

How gorgeous is this packaging?

Who wins?
Obviously, my feedback is limited to trying just two products from each range (there are nine other products across the two ranges), but, based on results, Mad About Curls wins easily. I loved the way my hair felt post-wash and days later too. I think the Mad About Waves range is probably for those with way less curly hair, more likely European rather than mixed or Afro hair. I'm mixed race with fine curls, but lots of them, and I find I need products that add volume and definition - admittedly, not the easiest hair to provide for! 

Have you tried any of these products yet? If you've got a favourite, let me know in the comments!