#Review: Bee Good skin cleansers

Bee Good is an award-winning skincare brand 'made by British Bees', that started in 2008. It boasts a whole host of natural ingredients aimed at dealing with skin issues that women of all ages face. As my first taster of the brand, I was sent a facial exfoliator and a cream cleanser.
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Now I'm a huge advocate of exfoliating  - current and longterm fave is Lush's amazing Ocean Salt, which is super exfoliating thanks to the aforementioned fine salt - but I thought I'd give this new range a go. The Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator, £10.50, promises beautifully buffed, bright and energised skin, thanks to its combination of moisturising wildflower honey and the natural exfoliating benefits of milled lavender flowers. The fragrance is very 'English country garden', thanks to the lavender, honey and wheatgerm, and the formula itself is a creamy, yellowy beige tone. While it looks creamy, it doesn't feel creamy, which is a thumbs-up from me; overly creamy products are not too friendly when it comes to my skin, so I liked its lighter-feeling texture. I was surprised at the exfoliating powers of the milled lavender flowers, as this is definitely a more gritty exfoliator. Again, that's not a bad thing, depending on your skin. I think this would be a great product for teens and anyone experiencing scaly, dry skin. I have combination skin, so it definitely worked all over for me, although I'd probably need to keep using it for another week or so to notice any renewed radiance. 

Next up, I tried the Honey & Propolis 2-In-1 Cream Cleanser, £11.50. First up, I have to alert the brand by saying that the muslin cloth that comes with it is WAY too small (unless I have an obscenely large head?). I found this little cloth to be a complete pain; its size prevented me from getting a really good swipe on - instead I had to keep catching it as it tried to escape to the floor. The formula itself is definitely a creamy one, which makes it different to many other hot cloth/muslin cloth products which tend to feel more waxy. Again it has a herby, garden-like fragrance and again I think teens but also more mature skins would love the creamy feel of the product as it is massaged onto the skin.

 Close-up on the texture of the Honey & Propolis 2-In-1 Cream Cleanser. Image: NGK

Close-up on the texture of the Honey & Propolis 2-In-1 Cream Cleanser. Image: NGK


For me, with my combination skin, I felt it was just too creamy - one of those products where I would probably follow on with an additional cleanser afterwards to ensure zero residue. Like other cleansers of its kind, this product promises to remove makeup, but unless you're someone who sticks to BB Cream and perhaps one coat of mascara and lipgloss, I really don't feel it's good enough. I wear makeup on a daily basis (foundation, concealer, three coats of mascara, lipstick, etc) and there is no way I would use this straight on my skin without using a makeup remover first. The product will just go to waste as you will undoubtedly have to apply it twice - at least. For me, this is a nice product to use at night while you're in a hot bath; it's great to massage all over, taking care to cover all areas of the face and neck, before using a hot flannel to sweep it all off. Your skin is left feeling and looking lovely and plump, and primed for your evening skincare routine.

So, I think this is a great little duo for a teen or someone with more mature skin, or those with dry skin that really need some extra help, especially during these colder months.

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What do you think - would you try this brand? Do you already use Bee Good?