Review; BC Fibre Force range

It's been a while since I've been impressed by a hair brand enough to actually blog about it, but in the past couple of weeks, I've found two ranges that have been great for my curls; the first of which is Schwarzkopf Professional's BC Fibre Force. (I'll be blogging about my other new fave, Swell Hair, once I've shot the products.)
 Seen here; the Fortifying Primer and the Scalp & Hair Smart Serum

Seen here; the Fortifying Primer and the Scalp & Hair Smart Serum

I first tried out some of the range when I was invited to try the Fibre Force treatment in-salon at Billi Currie. On leaving, my hair was super bouncy and fluffy, mostly because the lady blowdrying didn't realise that she really needed to give it some welly. My hair is fine and curly but there's quite a bit of it, so you have to show it who's boss if you want it to be straight and glossy - which is why I rarely bother doing it myself. I was given the home care kit so I thought I'd have a go, bar the straightening.

One thing I did love after the salon treatment is how my hair had this weird combination of soft, yet strong, going on. As my hair is on the finer side, it's definitely noticeable when something has truly sank in and is literally giving me life. Today I used the Fortifying Shampoo, £11.75/€13.45, and applied the Fortifying Mask, £14.75/€14.65, while I showered. Once I'd towel-dried my hair I applied the Fortifying Sealer, £14.75/€15.65, which is described as a milk but it's thicker, more like a light gel. I also sprayed some Primer Spray Conditioner, £14.75/€14.65, on and used the Scalp & Hair Smart Serum, £14.75/€15.65. So that's five products, all from one brand, which I never really do. Then I just ran the hairdryer through my curls (I don't air-dry anymore due to a previous scalp condition) and left it. Although I can see the results; curls that are bouncy but not flyaway, I can't believe that I cannot feel any product in my hair. I mean, yes, my hair feels softer and a little more defined, but I cannot feel the product coating my hair. It's probably the most touchable my hair's been in a long time. There's nothing worse than putting in the effort to wash and dry your hair and feeling that heaviness, or that clammy feeling of product resting on your forehead or brushing past your cheeks. Honestly, this range was a pleasure to use.

In case you want to know the science bit...
The Full Fibre Force in-salon treatment is known as the Bond Connector service; it utilises a Bonding Cream and a Connector Infusion that work together to 'reconnect bonds to intensively restructure the hair's integrity.'  The home care range is designed to boost and maintain these effects, promising salon results that last up to 60 days, or for 24 washes (I only wash my hair once a week but still...). A key ingredient of the range is keratin, the protein that builds our hair strands (and our skin), so the shampoo is sulphate-free, which makes total sense, as shampoos that contain sulphates actually strip out the keratin. Although the range is designed with unmanageable and dull hair in mind - basically anyone who regularly colours or heat styles their hair - I haven't put any chemicals on my hair for a good 16 months, and I still felt the difference. I feel like this could be a great range for those who get regular keratin treatments but want to start weaning off them. For me, this range gives the similar frizz-fighting results of a keratin blowdry, without actually having to pay for a keratin blowdry, which in London can cost anything from £80-£250.
My two can't-live-without products are the priming spray and the serum. The spray because it is an excellent leave-in conditioner, especially if you're a curly girl. So light, and zero build-up. I like the serum because, well, anything that promises to improve the hair from the roots up, therefore helping future hair growth, is what I need right now. If you don't want the serum, I would strongly suggest the sealer; again it's a great leave-in conditioner, and as the weather starts to turn colder, any product that helps keep your cuticles sealed is worth investing in. 

As with most Schwarzkopf Professional products, if you want these babies, head to their stockist page and look for salons that stock the brand. It's well worth the trip!