how Rodial Super Acids range revived my tired Winter skin

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Despite working in the hair and beauty industry for a fair few years now, sometimes it's extremely easy to neglect my own beauty needs, in favour of client deadlines (I also copywrite and provide social media support for hair and beauty brands) or attending events and working on other projects.

Continuing this disregard for my skin's needs has completely backfired, so over the past month, I've been on the hunt for products that seriously deliver, I mean seriously. I've finally mastered the juggling that using products that contain Retinol requires, and have also been playing with acids. So, my first skin-renewing review is all about two products from the Rodial Super Acids range.

While I've heard a ton of good stuff about the brand's Dragon's Blood range, I chose the Rodial Super Acids range because of its skin smoothing and refining properties, via resurfacing acids and enzymes. Together, these key ingredients exfoliate the skin and increase cell renewal, resulting in fresher, softer skin. Over the years I have tried and tested and read about many products that profess to promote skin resurfacing, but finally, this range seems to deliver. For me, this range is a great option for those who really want to see a difference in their skin, but are nowhere near ready for a clinical consultation. 

The two products I have been using are the X-Treme After-Party Scrub and X-Treme Hangover Mask, £45 each. Both products contain Glycolic Acid, and the scrub also contains Salicylic Acid, a powerful ally for those of use with blemish-prone skin. First up, after cleansing my face, I used the scrub; it's quite a gentle formula, with micro fine beads and purifying bentonite clay beads that work together to buff away dead skin and also unclog pores. While the acids go to work on the appearance of fine wrinkles, there's also the helpful addition of Vitamin E and Shea Butter to keep skin calm and soft throughout the process. I used the scrub in a circular motion for around 30 seconds, focusing on my jawline, forehead and higher up on my cheeks where I sometimes see enlarged pores. After rinsing off with lukewarm water and patting my face dry, I then applied the Hangover mask all over my face and neck. Once it's on, you need to leave it be for at least five minutes - I've been leaving it on for 10 minutes but for my next go will probably give it 20, to see if there's any further improvement. What I liked about this mask was its lack of gloop; it glides on smoothly, and still gives you that satisfying I'm-about-to-crack-into-a-million-little-pieces feeling. What I liked even more, was the method in taking the mask off; instead of simply rinsing it off, you're encouraged to rub away at the mask, therefore boosting its exfoliating properties. It was actually quite satisfying to see the tiny pieces of mask fall into the sink, and from the first time I used the mask, it was at this point that I first noticed how bright my skin looked. Once I had rinsed off the remaining evidence of the mask, I patted my skin and noticed it felt infinitely softer and firmer. Not only that, but my skin had a glow - one that was confirmed by the boyfriend asking me the next day if I had 'done something' to my face. The most impressive thing, coming from a self-confessed wrinkle-phobe? My (admittedly) very fine lines on my forehead are nowhere to be seen. 

I now use these two Rodial Super Acids products once a week, but am considering trying them twice a week. Even if you're not a regular beauty regime kinda girl, this is a brilliant routine to try ahead of a night out, as the renewed glow is undeniable. Have you tried it yourself? Or do you have a fave skin glow must-buy?

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