Not your grandma's perm

Briana Dunning, AKA Frizzy B is a Los Angeles-based hairdresser who’s bringing back the perm, in the best way possible. I tracked her down at the very cool Striiike salon to find out more about this hair reinvention.
 Just a touch of wavy texture, AKA, the most perfect beach waves! Image: @frizzy.b/Instagram

Just a touch of wavy texture, AKA, the most perfect beach waves!
Image: @frizzy.b/Instagram

So, is the permanent wave you're serving up at Striiike the same as our grandma's perm (or even the curly perm I got back in secondary school - eek!)?
This is a totally new technique for wrapping and a completely updated formula. I wrap [the hair] on these bendy foam rollers and the formula I use is very gentle and actually improves the texture of the hair. If the hair is fine and slippery, it makes it feel like you've put some salt spray in there to give it body and texture. If the hair is coarse, the formula softens and makes it more manageable. For those whose hair has natural movement but tends to be really frizzy and coarse it's amazing! Overall, the result is manageable hair that can be air-dried and looks amazing. All the clients I've done this service on say that it gives them the hair they never thought they could have. 

Who would feel the most benefits from trying the new permanent wave?
Anyone who has a desire to air-dry their hair and finds their hair hard to manage. This person could have fine, limp hair or coarse, resistant, frizzy hair. The ideal candidate is someone who doesn't currently colour or do any other retexturising treatments, such as the Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening.  

What are your top 3 hair trends for summer 17?
Natural, textured and effortless hair! I'm all about low maintenance hair for my client. Curls are making a HUGE comeback, thank goodness. Also, people are moving away from the hardcore all-over-bleach and tone and going for more natural colour looks, which also equates to less maintenance. 

 Image: supplied

Image: supplied

What's a super quick and easy way we can update our hair in time for summer?
Get a good cut and maybe try some long bangs – like lip to chin length – that way you can get movement around your face but you’ll still be able to pin it back for summer. I don't recommend getting a new heavy fringe for summer: it will only get stuck to your forehead! So save it for fall and winter when you're not sweating so much.
For curly girls, find someone who understands curly hair; get a good cut, invest in a yummy, deep conditioner and learn some new protective styling techniques. 

Complete this sentence: A perfect hair day means...
You feel good about your hair and it's taken little effort to get there!

Check out Briana’s work on Instagram @frizzy.b