My haircare routine

Ever since I made the decision to do nothing with my hair for a solid two year period, from time to time I get a little (a lot) bored, and have to get my experimental fix somehow. I used to be someone who loved to bleach my hair every single summer, and in between I would try every smoothing/relaxing/loosening treatment known to man as I was lucky enough to be given frequent press appointments. 
my haircare routine

Since chopping my hair off (with some random scissors that I found at the Airbnb we were staying in) a couple of years ago while on holiday in Jamaica, I haven't let a single chemical touch my hair. Today, I get my thrills from playing with different shampoo and conditioner combos, as well as a multitude of styling products, but there are some that I always go back to. Below are my all-time haircare routine winners for curls, nourishment and definition. 

Defined Curls
Francesco Group's Michelle Thompson introduced me to Avlon Keracare's Defining Custard over a  year ago, and although I don't use it every week, when I do, it always rewards me with definition. With this product it's all about the balance - in fact, I don't think I've ever used it on its own. Michelle showed me how to mix it with other products, such as leave-in conditioners, to produce curls that are defined and in no way crispy. (Check out my review of Avlon's Texture Release Treatment here.)
For day to day curl definition that doesn't build up and is super light, I love Toni & Guy Prep Curl Defining Oil. I bought mine from Boots, but it seems that they have ditched the range altogether, which is a huge shame. For me, this offers ultra lightweight conditioning hold - a no brainer on those humid days when you just need something in your hair that isn't going to weigh it down.

my haircare routine

A while back I was completely spoiled by Schwarzkopf when they sent me a hamper packed full of their new professional Oil Ultime range. Believe it or not, I'm still working my way through the products, but I already have a couple of essentials. The entire range is built around the concept of modern aromatherapy, using essential oils to rebalance and improve our physical and psychological state. Consisting of oils, oil treatments, shampoos and conditioners, the stand-outs for me are the Marula Rose Light Oil-In-Mousse Treatment Rose Finishing Oil and Marula & Rose Light Oil-In-Spray Conditioner. I use the oil-in-mousse treatment after washing my hair and let it sit while I'm the shower, then I'll follow with both the finishing oil and the spray conditioner. There is zero build-up and my hair smells amazing. It's nourished and feels super light. I only use this when I'm working from home as my curls are stupidly soft and I cannot do a thing with my hair, but it does feel lovely. When I want a serious in-depth treatment, I use Avlon Keracare Deep Moisturising Masque. I'll leave it on for a couple of hours while I'm editing photographs or writing, for maximum nourishment.

Scalp Soothing
I'm not gonna lie - I don't think I would know about Mielle Organics' Mint Almond Oil if I hadn't seen a 'character' on a reality show I watch mention it on her Instagram! All you need to know is, she has beautiful hair. Either way, I'm so glad I bought this. As someone who has suffered from an itchy scalp on a seasonal basis, this is so light and nourishing, I can add it as often as I like, without ending up with greasy hair. With just three ingredients, this is a must for anyone wanting to add a little TLC to their scalp, or some shine to their ends. Plus, the man loves to use it too - he wears his hair very low and is always searching for a super light oil that doesn't build up.

my haircare routine

Curl Refresher
I previously mentioned my can't-live-without Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance in my Fuerteventura blog but once that ran out, I decided to try something new. I've always been tempted by Carol's Daughter products when I travel to the US, but have never bought anything. I'd read about their Black Vanilla range before, and as someone who loves the smell of vanilla, I knew there was a good chance I'd love it. However, it's safe to say, it's not all about the scent when it comes to the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. Offering instant hydration, it's enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe and Wheat Protein, meaning hair is easily detangled and ready to go. Lately I've been loving mixing this with the Mielle Mint Almond oil as it basically smells like Mintoes - buttery mint sweets here in the UK. I'd recommend this for a range of hair types - it's light enough to layer and gives you just the right amount of hydration.

What are you must-haves when it comes to your hair?