MAC's new Wash & Dry - why I'll be buying

Ugh, MAC does it to me every time. Just when I think it's time to ditch the brand for a less expensive option, it pulls me back in. Meet the new Wash & Dry range.
 Images courtesy of MAC Cosmetics   

Images courtesy of MAC Cosmetics


I have to admit, many of my MAC purchases often come down to the visuals. I don't really look up swatches as I find they vary based on skin tone; instead I tend to look up the products themselves, on Tumblr or Instagram, or will watch them being reviewed on Youtube. This means I often see the packaging and ad campaign visuals first; I've been known to snap up products online within five minutes of receiving a press release from MAC HQ. And it all comes down to the brand's knack for creating beautiful editorial looks.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a fan of most of the product range: Strobe cream has been a consistent go-to, I've tried almost every foundation, and then there's those damned nude lip liners and too-numerous-to-count matte red classics such as Relentlessly Red, but, perhaps thanks to my choice of study (ine Art and Photography), and the fact that from the age of 15 I was devouring the pages of Vogue and Elle, I cannot stop being swayed by a brilliantly enhanced piece of imagery. The latest ad campaign is set in a retro launderette - or laundromat - where the ladies who wash their clothes there are obviously exquisitely turned out, in matching bathing suits and headbands, natch. Limbs are glistening with what is most likely face and body foundation plus lashings of Strobe Cream, and, delicately placed amongst the soap suds, is a chiselled six pack. It's all so nineties, in the best way.

But anyway, back to the products themselves, which aren't available in the States until the 14th, but have 'gone live' in the UK today! Wash & Dry is definitely a collectible range - the packaging is a gorgeous iridescent ombre gradient of yellow, orange, red and aqua, and even the brushes have been revamped in a metallic take on the colour way. 

Fave lippies from the range have to be Steam Heat, a yellow-toned red, and Tumble Dry, which is a gorgeous, taupe-y nude, but this is mostly down to the fact that I already own Morange - classic bold orange - and Creme d'Nude, which also make up the lip segment of the range. There are also four new shades of Lipglass, in similar tones to the lipsticks, so they're great for layering for those who want to move away from a matte lip. Shades are: Girl On Board, a creamy nude, Domestic Diva, a watermelon pink, Laundry List, a vibrant orange, and Hot/Cold, a brilliant red. 

Another fave, and best-seller that's been included within the new range, is Refined Golden, a great bronzer for those with naturally warmer/darker skin tones, but what most beauty addicts have been waiting for is Freshen Up Highlight Powder, first spotted on Instagram back in January. The powder is made up of shades of banana, coral and peach, all dusted with a generous topcoat of glistening gold.

For brow-lovers, there's a great sub-range, and there are also some new nail colours, although it seems that there are only two shades available here in the UK; Monday Blues, a dark denim tone, and Washeteria - a gorgeous deep jade which I LOVE.

The next MAC range that I'm looking forward to? Le Disko. Here's hoping it's more Studio 54 than glam rock... Have you bought anything from the Wash & Go range yet?

Available now at and on counters across the UK. Available in the US May 14/May 21