Help launch MDMflow's new Flawless Base Foundation

It’s International Women’s Day so I wanted this week’s blog to be of real purpose. I met Florence Adepoju back in May 2016. Back then, her brand MDMflow was causing a stir in the beauty industry for its ultra-pigmented lipsticks that Florence created by hand, in her lab, all encased within an instantly iconic golden bullet.
 Image of Florence Adepoju: MDMflow

Image of Florence Adepoju: MDMflow

Today MDMflow is the go-to brand not just for every single cool girl out there, but also every woman who loves to play with colour on a day to day basis, and thinks nothing of switching out her nudes and reds for greys, purples and blues – most recently seen in the brand’s Black Panther-inspired mini collection. The brand also produces a popular mascara and is now set to take on the foundation market too. Last week Florence launched a crowd-funding campaign to make Flawless Base (how good is that name?) a foundation that actually matches your skin tone, treats your skin with a Vitamin C-infused serum-based formula and comes in at the £10 mark.
For anyone who’s never been involved in a crowd-funding campaign before, and also wants to know more about the foundation, Flo hosted a live Instagram chat to answer as many questions as possible. In case you missed it, below are the most important snippets on what you need to know and why you should support. Now I know a lot of people feel weird about giving money to a stranger – I’ve done a campaign before, and it can be tough. But think about how cool it would be to take part in something that we’re all going to benefit from – who doesn’t want a #flawlessbase?

MDMflow flawless base

The formula
There have been lots of questions as to what the formula will feel like, and how great it can be when the price is just £10.
Flo says: “I wanted to infuse the foundation with active ingredients that responded to the issues that so many women have. The number one issue is [that foundation can often be too] drying. When a foundation is highly pigmented, you have to counterbalance that pigment with actives. You don’t want to use oil, as then you have oil as well as pigment covering the pores – and this definitely isn’t good for those with acne. I really wanted to think about young skin too – as younger women would be looking for a more affordable product.”
Active ingredients included are:
Creatine; known for boosting skin cell metabolism, meaning increased production of glowing skin essentials like collagen, elastin and keratin.
Vitamin C; protects skin from UVB damage and reduces formation of acne.
Resveraterol; this is an anti-oxidant beloved by many of the luxury end brands because it combats early signs of ageing.
Hyaluronic Acid; the ingredient of the moment, it improves the skin’s barrier function making it retain moisture for longer, therefore appearing plumper and softer.

How crowdfunding works
When you take part in a crowdfunding campaign you choose how much you want to invest. Each investment threshold comes with a certain perk. For example, if you donate £5 you will receive a personal thank-you card from Florence, while if you donate £50 you will receive a full face of makeup, including foundation, mascara, liquid matte lipstick and a semi-matte lipstick. If you’re feeling super generous and want to donate £1,000, you will receive up to five products a month for the next FIFTEEN years!

Colour matching
What’s great is that every backer will receive a foundation sample kit for colour matching. With the kit it will be a feedback process, so if you get a kit and you try everything and can’t find your shade, Florence will go back and forth until she finds your shade. Any colour that already exists but ends up being something that nobody wants simply won’t get made, and that’s how Flo is able to make this product affordable. With other brands who set out to launch say 40 colours, we, the customer wind paying towards their costs of developing all 40 colours, even if THOUSANDS of unwanted shades end up in the bin.

Versatility and feel
Whether you love to wear your foundation super matte or ultra dewy, Flawless Base has been formulated to be versatile enough for you to add your fave mattifying products or highlighting fluids to it. The formula is serum-based making it a semi-matte finish that’s easily blended in with other products; it’s also light but buildable.  

I hate foundation, but I want to help!
You can help massively by sharing MDMflow’s campaign page or tagging your girls in the brand’s Instagram posts if you think it’s something they would love. The brand is on a mission to raise £60,000 in two months!

For more information, visit the campaign page: