Hair healthy superfoods

Superfoods and supplements are big business right now. With hair and beauty experts launching their own supplement ranges, and beauty entrepreneurs such as Beautified app co-founder Hannah Bronfman being advocates of living a thoroughly healthy lifestyle – she’s also launched health and wellness site – I wanted to ask an expert if what we put into our bodies really affects what comes out, especially when it comes to our hair health.
 Image: iStock

Image: iStock

FYI: I first published this interview when I was running online magazine, and although my eating habits have changed quite a bit since then (for example, I no longer eat eggs – haven’t had one for five months now) I still think it’s worthwhile to share this information with anyone wanting to take care of their body.

I spoke to Sara G Allison, a world-leading trichologist and co-founder of Archeia Minerals – a supplement that has been designed to aid regeneration of hair, skin and nails.

Is there really such a thing as a hair superfood?
Eggs are the perfect food for healthy hair; they contain all the main essentials for hair: protein, omega 3, iron, selenium and vitamins B and D.

Is there a specific 'diet' we can try that would improve our hair's appearance?
I would suggest the Paleo diet, which advocates that you eat real food – in as natural a state as possible. (As in, it either comes out of the ground, or walks on it – there’s no dairy, processed sugars or starches). It’s also important to never skip meals and ensure you eat good quality protein at each mealtime. You should also limit your sugar and alcohol intake.

What is the one thing that all of us can do to help us have healthier looking/feeling hair?
If you were to do just one thing to have healthier looking/ feeling hair then you should take Archeia Minerals for Hair, Skin & Nails. This food supplement has been specially formulated to ensure you get all the essential Omega 3, vitamins and minerals necessary all in one box. When it’s difficult to ensure you are able to get all the essential minerals and vitamins you need from a healthy diet, this supplement, [and others like it] can ensure you look and feel your very best.

NGK tip: Right now my BF and I are loving all of the benefits of coconut. Known for its unique combination of fatty acids, coconut is probably the most relevant ‘superfood’ we have currently. Not only do we love making iced coffee with fresh coconut flesh added, we also use coconut oil to cook our sweet potato fries and stirfries, and use it in several Paleo-friendly cakes. I’ve been using it on my scalp for a while now, and since reading Loni Jane’s Feel The Lean ebook, I’ve switched to using it as an all-over body moisturiser too. I also plan to try it for an oil pulling session, but I’m not exactly looking forward to that!

What’s your fave superfood and why?