#braindump - why am I procrastinating?

Apologies in advance -  this is a blog that isn't really about much. I'm having a major procrastination moment.
 Image of Sarita Choudhury found on Tumblr.

Image of Sarita Choudhury found on Tumblr.

It's one of those days where I have a few hours to myself before I go to my part-time job. I wake up at 7am and have five expansive hours before I actually have to leave the house. I think of all the things I could do, like, write 1,000 words towards a short story, start reading up on my recently-paid-for Personal Training course, blog about my latest beauty must-have, write extra client blogs so I don't have to do them later (!!!), email potential new clients, go to the gym to burn some fat ahead of Jamaica... The list could truly go on and on, and each item on the list is of value, so why I am sitting here doing nada? And secondly, is it a big deal anyway?

If I back track a little, while I could have been doing all of the above I was helping the boyfriend do meal prep for the two of us, putting a wash on, eating numerous bananas - Freelee-style - and basically faffing around. I think that's actually a real word these days, but for my outside-of-the-UK friends, to faff means to find tiny, almost completely irrelevant, but still slightly useful things to do, instead of doing the majorly important stuff - the kind of stuff that can affect your income, sense of wellbeing, etc.

To complicate matters further, in the back of my head there's also that list of things I should be doing; reading up on the various parties' manifestoes, cleaning the kitchen and other such mundane things. But no, all of the above takes a backseat to me sitting here doing nothing - apart from writing these words.

Like I said, this blog is a bit of a brain dump, but I think I'm writing it in the hope that I can shrug off this procrastinating mood. What's caused it, is probably a mix of all of the things above; completing all those lists and still finding time to relax, enjoy, sleep - sometimes it all seems so impossible; others, it feels like even if I do get it all done, there's no guarantee of 'success'.

So, for now, I'm just going to eat some more bananas, read a magazine and maybe stick on some trash TV, because the only thing I do know is, I can only procrastinate for so long. 

What do you do to get out of an unwelcome procrastination funk?