Talking beauty with Lauren Napier

I recently posted a business blog (over on my business site, obvs) where I talked to cult beauty brand founder Lauren Napier. Yes, Lauren knows more than a thing or two about business, and her CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER range has just launched in Australia to great applause, but I had to confess, what I really wanted to know, was how her skin was SO flawless? So I chucked a few beauty and lifestyle questions her way. Read on and absorb the goodness.
 See, Lauren is skin goals, right?

See, Lauren is skin goals, right?

What do your AM and PM beauty routines look like?
AM: Cleanse, steam (in the shower), hydrate, then I do a four minute makeup like nothing you’ve ever seen! 
PM: Cleanse, tone, hydrate - I love when my skin is fresh and hydrated. 

Any tips for when our skin needs some serious emergency pampering?
Drink a liter of water, cleanse, steam and apply a mask! 

Do you believe that food affects our skin? If so, what are your fave 'superfoods’?
I believe you are what you eat. I drink hot water and lemon, pressed orange juice, green apple, ginger, pineapple and cucumber and I avoid eating fast food. 

I'm off on a very long flight soon - any tips for how to take care of my skin onboard and how to look fresh once I get off?
Absolutely! The best thing you can do is drink water; the air is very dry on airplanes and can wreak havoc on your skin. Of course carry CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER; use it before you apply a moisturiser and just before a makeup application on landing. You’ll look fresh and hydrated!



What's your killer skin secret?
There is no secret! I keep my skin clean, I avoid touching my face throughout the day, I use a hands free and avoid phone contact with my face, I keep my head scarf clean and wash my hands before I apply moisturiser and makeup. The most important factor is keeping my skin clean at night. Skin ages seven times faster if you sleep in makeup (!). Your body is in a restorative process at night and while asleep. Whatever is on our faces is absorbed directly into the skin. When you sleep clean you will wake up clean and clear!  

How do you wind down?
Winding down is difficult these days because I constantly have something to do. During any personal time I have, I try to keep all notifications turned off on my phone (with the exception of email and the ringer) so that is helpful to the process. I like to indulge in a delicious meal, maybe a glass of Pino Noir and a decadent dessert. 

Is there a mantra that you live by?
There are so many. I try to always practice kindness, patience and gratitude because it’s very easy to become consumed with yourself in our current culture.

 Lauren in her favourite city, New York.

Lauren in her favourite city, New York.

What makes you angry?
Oh, gosh! I try not to get angry but I don’t have patience for nonsense or unprofessionalism. 

Where do you find peace?
I have a nephew and niece. I feel peaceful when they crawl in my lap and nap or when I make them breakfast. 

Favourite city and why?
I love New York, there is a constant dichotomy of peace and unrest, glamour and absolute filth. It’s a place where you’re always working toward achievement, no matter what it is that you’re after. There is energy; there is life. NYC can bang you up then you come out on the other side accomplished with stories and lessons. When you are in NYC you are living life at its fullest.

Fave skin/makeup brands
Skincare: Mario Badescu, Glossier, La Prairie and Shu Uemura
Makeup: NARS, Armani, Tom Ford Beauty, Ginger+Liz

If I didn't work in beauty I would be...
In real estate, I love the feeling of being at home and it would be an honour to share that experience with others.  

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All imagery courtesy of Lauren Napier/Instagram