#Review: fave product for hair that's in-between-stages

 Seen here, the fine to normal version of BC Oil Miracle Oil Mist

Seen here, the fine to normal version of BC Oil Miracle Oil Mist

While your local Boots or drugstore is a haven of affordable hair and beauty goodies, sometimes it pays to go to the salon for more prescriptive haircare.

Okay, so I was lucky enough to be sent some samples of this product, but one thing I don't do is write about stuff that is crap - I'm kinda old school, in that 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all' camp. So when I was sent two new Oil Mists from the Schwarzkopf BC Hairtherapy range, I was kind of a little bored at the prospect of yet another oil. Since Moroccan Oil arrived and every brand on the planet jumped on the Argan Oil craze in the years that ensued, I've been very particular about what I use. But that all changed when I decided to cut my hair off (more on that story coming soon). Overnight I went from being someone with a graduated wedge/bob of mixed race, highlighted curls, to someone with almost-shaved back and sides and a heat-straightened long fringe. Now I'm still not sure about this look, mostly because I had hoped it would be easy to look after, but that's my stupid fault (I've had short hair in the past, and there's no hiding from a bad hair day, no tying it all back default!). But, while I do need to rely on heat - until either my hair grows a little more and I can try a wavy fringe, or I succumb to relaxing it (doubtful) - I need to use products that inject moisture into my now much darker 'do. Enter these two Oil Miracle Oil Mists; I'm only showing one here, but as well as the fine to normal option, I was also sent the normal to thick version. 

What I like about these products - besides their super light, slightly sweet fragrances, is that they multitask. If I don't want to use heat on my hair tomorrow, you can bet that tonight I will spray a layer of this stuff on, comb it through and then wrap up my hair - much to the man's dismay... It's also great as an add-on treatment after washing and before or after conditioning, or you can massage it into the scalp ahead of shampoo time. It's also good for blowdrying, those times when you need that heat, but don't want to suffer for it. The main difference between the two is that the fine to normal version uses Marula Oil while the normal to thick version contains Argan Oil. Either way, neither of these products weigh my hair down or leave me feeling greasy, so if you're looking for a lighter way to stay moisturised, you might want to give these a go.

£19.95, check out more of the BC Oil Miracle range here